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I am gazing at my reflection in the mirror. I am leaning closer and closer to the mirror while I look into my own eyes and try to discover my being. I want to understand who I am. Hopelessly, I want to find out what is hiding beyond my physical self, what identifies me, and what it looks like. I try to imagine it. It thrills me. It creates the feeling that people have on a roller-coaster, as it suddenly starts down from the top of the wave. It scares me but excites me as a shiver runs through my body.


This is my first memory. My mother assumed that I had narcissistic tendencies and covered the mirrors. Since then, I have created art.




I believe this seeking is at the core of our beings that some of us forget about, neglect or deny. It is our connection, our Oneness that I build my practice on. I believe that we are all individualised personal expressions of that one thing that can be called the Tao or the Universe or God or Divine or soul or spirit… My purpose is to shine light on spiritual experiences, to get you curious and encourage you to visit those forgotten caves that you might have been scared to enter before. 


My work often starts with a vision that can be triggered by various means, including meditation, hypnosis, yoga, dance and philosophy. To express this energy, I use different mediums such as oil painting, ceramics, etching and performance. My colour choices are intuitive and help me to reinforce the psychological states and stories that I would like for you to visit with me. The poses of my characters are rooted in contemporary dance and yoga, and I play with their scale to invite you to occupy their positions. I take pleasure in using the aesthetics of the human figure, our representation in this three-dimensional world, to explore universality and connect to the sublime experience that is in every one of us. As I create paintings, I enter into a trance-like state that I translate into a visual language for You to interpret. Please enjoy.

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