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I am gazing at my reflection in the mirror. I lean closer and closer to the mirror while I look into my own eyes and try to discover my being. I want to understand who I am. Hopelessly, I want to find out what is hiding beyond my physical self, what identifies me, and what it looks like. I try to imagine it. It thrills me. It creates the feeling that people have on a roller-coaster, as it suddenly shoots down from the top of the wave. It scares me but excites me as a shiver runs through my body.


This is my first memory. Since then, I have created art.



My art is a direct imprint of my own exploration of life through a spiritual lens. I seek the core of our beings and find Oneness which I aim to shine light on and take you on an adventure to visit forgotten caves that you might have been scared to enter before. Like Hilma af Klint, I am guided to receive visions that can be triggered by various means, including meditation, hypnosis, yoga, dance and philosophy. To express this energy, I use different mediums such as oil painting, ceramics, etching and performance. My colour choices are intuitive and help me to reinforce the psychological states and stories that I would like for you to visit with me. The poses of my characters are rooted in contemporary dance and yoga, and I play with their scale to invite you to occupy their positions. I enjoy using the figure as a symbol of our soul to shine light on sublime experiences. As I create paintings, I let my instinct lead me to express my inner world in a visual language for you to interpret. It is my pleasure if it evokes bliss.

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