I am gazing at my reflection in the mirror. I am leaning closer and closer to the mirror while I look into my own eyes and try to discover my being. I want to understand who I am. Desperately I want to find out what is hiding beyond my physical self, what identifies me, and what it looks like. I try to imagine it. It always thrills me. It creates the feeling that people have on a roller-coaster, as it suddenly starts down from the top of the wave. It scares me but excites me as a shiver runs through my body.

That is my first memory. My mother assumed that I had narcissistic tendencies and covered the mirrors. Since then, I have created art.


As I create the work, I enter into a different dimension where I aim to express a collective accumulation of vibrations. To embody this energy, I employ a variety of media, including oil painting, watercolour, etching and ceramics. Generally speaking, painting allows me spontaneity, as during the process I not only paint the subject, but myself as well, as an object that I record. In this creative process, I let my instinct lead me. I do not break it down and try to understand it. I recognize Greenberg’s position, as I find the action of painting highly important, however I give the same attention to the subject of my painting and the meaning behind it. On the other hand, etching gives me a certain security, as I need to think ahead and create a plan for my layers. Also, I find it fascinating how I start with a perfect metal plate, then I destroy it as I create my marks, and transform it into something new. Ceramics enable me to shape figures and situations into three-dimensional spaces which gives my inner vision even more reality. The diversity and the combination of these techniques insures that my work expresses my vision of art as personal, spiritual and universal.

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